EG4 Electronics

EG4® 18kPV-12LV All-In-One Hybrid Inverter


IP65 | NEMA 4X | UL 1741 SB and CSIP

The EG4 18KPV is a versatile hybrid inverter/charger that is capable of efficiently utilizing solar power, charging batteries, and providing backup power during outages. With a capacity of 18kW of PV input and 12kW output, up to 10 units can be paralleled for increased power generation. The inverter meets strict safety and performance standards, offering up to 12,000W of output power while utilizing solar, battery, and grid power simultaneously. It also features remote monitoring, easy installation, and comprehensive protection, ensuring optimal performance and safety.  




Yes, the 18kPV can be AC coupled with up to 21.6kW of PV through an external inverter. This is especially useful when upgrading an existing system without batteries. Ensure that the feed-in inverter is UL1741SA compliant to respond correctly to grid frequency shifts and the 18kPV. 


The term Zero Exportis used throughout the industry to talk about preventing power from being exported to the grid. The reality is that Zero Export is a bit of a misnomer because no hybrid inverter currently available can achieve true zero export. All of them have a margin of error. Hybrid inverters can get it down to 100W or less. However, if there is a load on the output, this will go away 


Usually the utility’s power meter measures sellback. They may replace it as part of the net metering agreement, often free of charge. 


The fan speed is temperature-controlled and varies with load. Under light loads, the inverter is nearly silent. At max cooling, fans can reach up to 68dB at three feet. 


No, the 18kPV uses common neutral architecture and does not create an internal neutralground bond. Ensure an existing bond at the service entry point.  


Use the “Time of Use” settings for peak shaving. Refer to the manual (section 6.1.4 and 7) for details. 


Internet access is not required for the 18kPV, but it’s highly recommended for easier monitoring and support. Use the provided Wi-Fi adapter or other accessories for setup. 


Yes, configure the system as a “microgrid” with the generator on the grid input, leaving the AUX port available for configuring a smart load. 


The 18kPV is a high-frequency inverter. 


From the monitoring site, you can adjust charge, discharge, and application settings. Advanced settings are accessible through the inverter menu.


No, but using closed-loop battery communication is recommended for better control and support.