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EG4 18kPV Inverter Approved for Net Metering in Puerto Rico 

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We’re pleased to announce that our EG4 18kPV inverter is officially registered with LUMA Energy to participate in the net metering program and benefit from government incentives. Here’s everything you need to know about this significant achievement and how the inverter helps harness solar energy in Puerto Rico. 

EG4’s 18kPV Solar Inverter 

Our EG4 18kPV solar inverter is an all-in-one hybrid inverter with a 12kW capacity designed for full independence from the grid or exporting surplus energy if desired. With a photovoltaic capacity of 18kW, this inverter is ideal for both residential and commercial installations. It can simultaneously use solar, batteries, and the grid or a generator. Additionally, once installed, it can be monitored remotely. The 18kPV qualifies for the expedited net metering process as it can produce 12kW of AC current to export to the grid. You could even have two 18kPV inverters and still be within the program instantly. 

Net Metering in Puerto Rico 

 If you, the customer, export more kilowatt-hours (kWh) than you consume annually, LUMA pays you USD $.10 per kWh. 30% of this payment is subtracted for schools, leaving you with a payment of USD $.07 per kWh. Additionally, each month net metering allows you to enjoy a 1-to-1 compensation, meaning that for each kilowatt-hour exported to the grid, you receive a credit equivalent to the applicable rate that residents of Puerto Rico pay on average. This rate is currently USD $.22 per kilowatt-hour. 

Registering for net metering comes with several benefits. First, the UL1741SB certification ensures that the product complies with standard regulations for your safety. Additionally, by selling excess solar energy to the grid, you can significantly reduce your electricity costs, leading to substantial savings on your electricity bill. Furthermore, Puerto Rico’s government offers economic incentives to encourage the adoption of renewable energies. These incentives include tax credits, grants, and preferential rates for generated energy, making renewable energy adoption more affordable and attractive. 

Who is LUMA Energy? 

LUMA Energy is the company responsible for electricity transmission and distribution in Puerto Rico. Since taking over the island’s electrical system operation, LUMA has implemented various initiatives to promote renewable energy use and modernize the electrical infrastructure. Their mission includes facilitating the integration of solar energy systems through programs like net metering. 

Registering the EG4 18kPV solar inverter with LUMA Energy is a crucial step to participate in the net metering program. This registration confirms that the inverter meets the necessary technical standards and requirements to operate safely and efficiently within Puerto Rico’s electrical grid, allowing you to enjoy an expedited process for net metering. 

What’s the Next Step? 

Registering the EG4 18kPV solar inverter with LUMA Energy is a significant milestone that opens doors to numerous benefits for solar energy users in Puerto Rico. At EG4, we are committed to promoting clean and efficient technologies, and we take pride in offering products that help our customers save money while meeting their energy needs. If you are interested in learning more about how the EG4 18kPV inverter can transform your energy consumption, feel free to contact our technical support. 

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EG4 18kPV inverter approved for net metering in Puerto Rico! Join LUMA Energy's program to benefit from solar energy & government incentives.

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