EG4 Electronics

EG4® 6000XP All-In-One Off-Grid Inverter


UL 1741 Certified

The EG4 6000XP is a 48V split-phase off-grid inverter/charger that efficiently utilizes 8kW of PV and outputs 6kW of power while charging your battery bank. The scalable all-in-one off-grid inverter allows up to 16 units to be paralleled for 96kWs worth of power output. Additionally, it can be controlled using the new EG4 monitoring software. Join EG4 on the journey towards energy independence and enjoy the accessibility, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency of the 6000XP today. 



The 6000XP is UL 1741 certified.

The 6000XP supports both LiFePO4 and lead acid batteries. EG4 recommends LiFePO4 for any new battery purchases, but LiFePO4 and lead acid cannot be mixed in the same battery bank. 

In addition to communicating with all EG4 48V Rackmount and PowerPro batteries, the 6000XP supports common battery protocols. Consequently, it can communicate with a wide range of third-party batteries. Please check with your distributor for information on support of a particular battery. 

Solar Assistant is a third-party application that is not supported by EG4. 

The cooling fans on the 6000XP are temperature controlled and do not ramp up until they are needed. Consequently, the fan speed is a factor of load and ambient temperature. Under light loads, the inverter will typically be nearly silent. As the load or charging increases, the fans ramp up as needed. At max cooling, the inverter fans will be around 58dB at 3 feet. 

We recommend providing 9-12kW+ per 6000XP inverter in the system. Inverter generators are a preferred option, as they minimize poor power quality through the circuitry. Using the “Gen Boost” setting allows you to reduce the size of the required generator. Generator boosting is not currently supported.  

The 6000XP architecture assumes there is a single neutral-ground bond in the system. Typically, the neutral-ground bond for a system will be at the first means of disconnect for the grid. However, if there is no Neutral-ground bond in the system the 6000XP can be configured to create the bond internally. Note that this is not a dynamic bond; it is always enabled or always disabled. Further information can be found in the manual.  

Yes. The 6000XP is designed to participate in your system wide rapid shutdown architecture. The inverter has ports to configure an external rapid shutdown initiator and a 12V power supply to control an external PV rapid shutdown transmitter. When the external initiator is pressed, the inverter will shut down the AC and the 12V DV powering the transmitter. This results in both the AC and PV being shut down in an NEC compliant fashion. RSD initiator switches and RSD transmitters are not supplied with the 60000XP. 

We recommend using the “Time of Use” settings on the 6000XP, as it will easily help you accomplish peak shifting as well. There are several fields where you can select what times you want to power loads using grid power, and when you want to power loads using solar/battery. More detail can be found in the manual. 

The 6000XP can use energy from the grid, PV, or batteries to power the system. However, not all the sources are required. In an off-grid situation, the inverter can be used with just batteries and solar as the energy sources.

The 6000XP can also be used with just battery and the grid. This is useful for power backup or load shifting without the expense of the PV modules. In other configurations, the inverter can operate with no batteries and just use PV and the grid. In this configuration the inverter will power from the PV if the PV is providing adequate power. If the PV power falls below the demand of the load, the unit will switch to powering completely from the grid.  

The EG4 comes with a Wi-Fi adapter. In addition, the WLAN Ethernet Adapter and 4G Monitoring Adapter are available. Any of these can be used to set up internet access for the EG4 6000XP. Internet access is not required for the functionality of the 6000XP, but EG4 highly recommends it. Without internet access the local app and the EG4 monitoring software is not available and all configuration and maintenance must be done through the screen interface. Furthermore, without internet access the support team of your distributor will not be able to access the system for commissioning or debugging. This will impact how quickly the distributor is able to respond to questions and resolve issues. 

The 6000XP is a high frequency inverter with an innovative design that gives it a powerful surge current capability. 

From the monitoring site you will be able to change your charge settings, discharge settings and application settings.
If you are wanting an in-depth look at your inverter, or to change some of your more advanced settings, those can be accessed through the inverter menu on the inverter itself.

NO. EG4 highly recommends using closed loop battery communications with the 6000XP, but running without it does not void the warranty. However, without the battery communications the user can experience the following downsides: 

  • All inverter controls that relate to the battery must be based on battery voltage, not state of charge.  
  • The battery information available to the user in the monitoring app will be significantly limited.  
  • The battery information available to the distributors support agent will be limited and that may significantly slow down issue resolution.