EG4 Electronics

EG4® WallMount All Weather Battery


UL 9540A | UL 1973 | UL 9540 with 18kPV | IP65

The PowerPro 18kPV WallMount AW Energy Storage System (ESS) provides scalability tailored to your requirements. The system begins with a base configuration of 1 EG4 18kPV Hybrid Inverter and 1 WallMount All Weather 280Ah Battery and is certified to accommodate up to 2 inverters and 3 batteries. Built to withstand diverse weather conditions and featuring a built-in heater, the durable all-weather batteries guarantee consistent performance, serving as a reliable backup power source during emergencies.  

All EG4 energy storage systems are UL 9540 compliant, which confirms that the components have been tested by an independent lab to ensure they operate safely together. UL 9540 ensures that each ESS meets stringent safety standards by testing batteries and inverters as a pair with specific configurations. Opting for a UL 9540 compliant system provides peace of mind even if they are not mandated in your jurisdiction.