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Unlocking Seamless Communication: A BMS Setup Guide for EG4 Batteries and Inverters

BMS setup

In the world of solar energy, effective communication between components is the key to unlocking the full potential of your system. Today, we’re diving into the intricacies of Battery Management System (BMS) communication with EG4 Electronics batteries and inverters. Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure a seamless setup for optimal performance.

LifePower4 Batteries and 6000XP Off-Grid Inverter

Let’s first look at the LifePower4 batteries and the 6000XP off-grid inverter. Ensure your LiFePOWER4 batteries are firmware updated for optimal communication. Set the DIP switches to master, grab a standard CAT5e cable, and connect the RS485 port on your battery to the BMS comms port on the inverter. Power up your system, navigate the settings to set your protocols(Battery – Lithium Ion), and voila, your battery bank is now in perfect harmony with your inverter.

Firmware Updates for LiFePOWER4 Batteries:

Each LifePower4 battery, including the master, requires a firmware update for optimal performance. Ensure all batteries are individually updated to benefit from the latest enhancements.

USB to RS485 Cable for Firmware Update:

It’s crucial to ensure the availability of the RS485 cable before commencing the setup.

EG4 LL-S Batteries and 6000XP Off-Grid Inverter

Next, we explore the pairing of the EG4 LL-S battery series with the 6000XP inverter. Set your DIP switches to ID-64, power on the BMS through the battery’s LCD screen, and navigate to protocol settings. Select “CAN protocol setting” and then “P06-LUX.” With DIP switches set to “Master,” connect your battery to the inverter using a standard CAT5e cable. Turn everything on, access inverter settings, choose lithium ion under battery type, and your LL-S batteries are seamlessly communicating with the inverter.

Setting Protocol for LL-S Batteries:

Updating just the master battery to the “P06-LUX” communication protocol should handle communication for the entire battery bank to your inverter. For older model inverters, use a setting labeled “EG4.”

EG4 WallMount All Weather Batteries and 18kPV Hybrid Inverter

For the 18kPV hybrid inverter and WallMount All Weather battery, utilize the same CAT5e cable. Connect the top RS485 CAN port on the battery to the BMS port on the inverter. Set the DIP switches to ID-64, configure protocol settings through the battery’s LCD screen, and select P06-LUX. Turn on breakers, set DIP switches to “Master,” turn everything on, and in the inverter settings, select “Lithium” under battery type. With these steps, your 18kPV and WallMount All Weather battery are ready for seamless communication.

Setting Up Comms. Between LifePower4 & 18kPV:

For those aiming to communicate between the 18kPV and LifePower4 batteries, a specific RS485 cable with a designated pinout is required. Pins one and two connect to your batteries, while seven and eight connect to your inverter.

At EG4, we believe in empowering your energy generation journey. As you get familiar with battery to inverter communications we want to let you know we are always here to support you. For more details, further assistance, or inquiries, feel free to contact our tech support. Stay tuned for more insights and tips to maximize your solar experience!

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Learn how to set up seamless BMS communication between EG4 batteries and inverters for optimal solar system performance.

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