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EG4 Mini-Split

Congratulations on your purchase!

EG4 Electronics offers a 5-year Full Parts Replacement or Full Product Replacement Warranty from the date of the original mini-split purchase.

To ensure the validity of your warranty, please register it within the first year of purchase or provide proof of purchase from an EG4 authorized distributor. Failure to register or provide proof of purchase may invalidate your warranty.

This limited warranty is applicable only to the original purchaser of the product and is transferable only if the product remains installed in the original location. All parts exchanges are covered during the warranty period. Replacement shipping charges may apply outside the continental US. Products not purchased through an EG4 approved vendor are not covered under this warranty. A list of approved vendors can be found on our website. Reselling or removing the product from the original installation site will void the warranty.

Warranty Exclusions: EG4 Electronics has no obligation under this limited warranty for products subjected to the following conditions, including but not limited to:

  1. Hi/Lo pressure copper line sets must be installed and vacuumed by a licensed AC technician, and documentation must be provided upon request for a warranty claim (Excludes Plug-N-Cool line sets).
  2. Damages incurred during installation/reinstallation or removal.
  3. Poor workmanship performed by an individual, installer, or a firm.
  4. Damages caused by mishandling the product or inappropriate environmental exposure.
  5. Damages caused by improper maintenance or operation outside the specified conditions.
  6. Tampering, altering, and/or disassembly of the product.
  7. Using the product in applications other than what the manufacturer intended.
  8. Lightning, fire, flood, earthquake, terrorism, riots, or acts of God.
  9. Any product with a serial number that has been altered, defaced, or removed.
  10. Any unauthorized firmware updates/upgrades/patches.

EG4 product warranty is a limited warranty, and EG4 limits its liability in the event of a product defect to repair or replacement in accordance with the terms of this limited warranty. EG4 is not responsible for any additional or indirect damages that may arise from the malfunctioning of the product, including incidental or consequential damages, loss of revenue, profits, or time. EG4 shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss of life, including bodily injury, illness, or death arising from the misuse or mishandling of the product, whether caused by negligence or otherwise.

Return Policy and Warranty Claims Procedure: Contact your original place of purchase.

Includes: EG4 9k BTU AC, 12k BTU AC, 12k BTU Hybrid AC/DC, and 24k BTU Hybrid AC/DC Mini-Splits.