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Introducing the EG4 12kPV Hybrid Inverter 

Combining innovative technology with exceptional efficiency, the EG4 12kPV Hybrid Inverter offers a comprehensive and affordable solution for harnessing solar power to meet the needs of residential and light commercial customers. 

The EG4 12kPV is a 48V split-phase hybrid inverter/charger that integrates solar power into existing energy systems. It utilizes 12kW of PV input to efficiently output 8kW of AC power while charging battery banks with the remaining 4kW of power. Users can parallel up to 10 units, providing a total output power of 80kW and flexibility for various applications. Additionally, the inverter’s high-frequency split-phase design ensures reliable power output.  

Features and Benefits of the EG4 12kPV 

Central to the design of the EG4 12kPV Hybrid Inverter are its two high-voltage (120-500 VDC) and high-amperage (25A) MPPTs, which are rated for 12kW and will accommodate high-output solar panels with ease. These MPPTs maximize energy capture from solar arrays, ensuring that the system operates at peak efficiency. They also eliminate the need for a combiner box. 

Moreover, the inverter’s split-phase hybrid capability allows it to manage power distribution effectively, handling up to a 4,000W imbalance for up to 30 minutes. This feature is particularly beneficial in maintaining stable power supply even during periods of uneven load distribution. Additionally, the swift 10ms transfer time is crucial for protecting sensitive equipment from potential damage during power transitions. 

One of the EG4 12kPV’s key strengths is its ability to harness multiple power sources (AC/DC) efficiently. This flexibility makes it suitable for various energy setups, whether off-grid, grid-tied, or hybrid systems. The inverter’s modular design not only facilitates easy expansion but also allows for parallel configuration of up to 10 units, delivering 80kW of power output. This scalability ensures that the system can grow alongside the increasing energy needs of its users. 

Monitoring and programming capabilities via the new EG4 software ensures optimal performance and system management. Users can remotely adjust settings for their ESS while monitoring data such as solar yields and battery charging. The inverter’s plug-in Wi-Fi device enables seamless connectivity to the monitoring platform via an app or website. 

Backed by a 10-year warranty, the EG4 12kPV is engineered for durability and reliability. The inverter also features closed-loop communications with EG4 48V batteries and other brands, enhancing compatibility and versatility. Safety and compliance are assured with its rapid shutdown capabilities, meeting CSA C22.2#330:2017 and NEC 690.12 standards. 

Comparing the EG4 12kPV with the EG4 18kPV 

The EG4 12kPV shares the same components, design, and software as the 18kPV Hybrid Inverter. However, the EG4 12kPV stands out due to its more compact form factor, making it an excellent choice for those who need a powerful yet space-efficient solution. The reduced size does not compromise its performance, making the 12kPV ideal for installations where space considerations are paramount. Another advantage of the EG4 12kPV is that it costs less than the 18kPV, making advanced hybrid inverter technology accessible to a broader range of customers.  

In short, the EG4 12kPV Hybrid Inverter offers a compact and affordable solution for harnessing solar power. Contact one of our distributors to purchase the 12kPV today.  

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Discover the EG4 12kPV Hybrid Inverter: a compact, efficient, and affordable solution for residential and light commercial solar power needs.

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