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EG4 6000XP & EG4 18kPV GEN BOOST


We’re excited to introduce a valuable enhancement to our EG4 6000XP & 18kPV series: GEN BOOST functionality. This upgrade is aimed at providing you with a more robust and efficient power management solution. Let’s dive into what GEN BOOST entails and how it can benefit your operations.

What is GEN BOOST?

GEN BOOST is a new feature made available through the latest firmware update for the EG4 6000XP and EG4 18kPV. It allows your generator to draw supplemental power from both PV (photovoltaic) and battery sources whenever the generator alone cannot meet the power demands of your loads.

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Reliability: GEN BOOST ensures that your power needs are met consistently, even during periods of high demand or when generator power is limited. This translates to improved reliability and uninterrupted operation.
  • Optimized Performance: By utilizing all available energy sources effectively, GEN BOOST maximizes the efficiency of your power system. This results in better performance and reduced energy wastage.
  • Convenience and Control: Activating GEN BOOST is simple and straightforward. You can do it either through the EG4 Monitor System or the LCD display, giving you the flexibility to manage your power system according to your preferences and requirements.

How GEN BOOST Works:

When the EG4 6000XP and EG4 18kPV detects that the generator power is insufficient to meet the load demands, GEN BOOST automatically supplements the generator output with power from PV and battery sources. This ensures that your critical loads remain powered without interruption. Once the generator power is sufficient again, GEN BOOST adjusts accordingly to maintain a balanced power supply.

Accessing Resources:

For detailed instructions on how to activate and utilize GEN BOOST, we have provided a step-by-step video guide available on our YouTube channel. Additionally, you can find a comprehensive guide in the downloads section of the EG4 6000XP and EG4 18kPV product page on our website.

At EG4, we strive to provide practical solutions that empower our customers. GEN BOOST is another step in that direction, offering you improved reliability and performance for your power management needs. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

For more information or assistance, please feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team. Thank you for choosing EG4.

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Introducing GEN BOOST for EG4 6000XP & 18kPV! Enhance reliability, optimize performance, and manage power conveniently.

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