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Mike Claassen: Redefining Solar Tech at EG4 Electronics 

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Mike Claassen, the Chief Technology Officer at EG4 Electronics, has a vision for our products centered on simplifying installations, reducing costs, and empowering customers to make informed decisions about their energy usage. He says that innovation isn’t just about creating something new; it’s about making existing systems smarter, more efficient, and more accessible. 

Drawing from his experience in automotive and technology industries, Mike brings a unique perspective to EG4. He explains, “I have very broad systems knowledge of how things work together.” By automating manual tasks and streamlining installations, EG4 Electronics under Mike’s leadership makes solar energy more affordable and accessible for its customers. 

Prioritizing Compliance with E-Stop 

At EG4 Electronics, prioritizing compliance and safety standards is paramount. Mike emphasizes the significance of their E-Stop functionality—a feature that ensures the protection of consumers and first responders in the event of an emergency. 

The e-stop function, represented by a distinctive big red button, serves as a fail-safe mechanism, allowing anyone to shut down the system quickly and effectively if necessary. Mike states, “Our big red button lets firefighters turn it off, saves your house and makes things safe for first responders.” 

Ensuring Customer Satisfaction 

Mike emphasized the importance of not just creating components but also considering the entire system and the ease of use for customers. He highlighted EG4’s customer-focused approach, where the team assists customers by troubleshooting and fixing issues personally when necessary. 

The team has released 23 updates for the 18kPV-12LV All-In-One Hybrid Inverter, Mike said, with nine optimizing customer use cases and the remaining 14 implementing customer-requested upgrades. This proactive approach ensures that EG4’s customers have the best possible experience with their products.  

Mike sees occasional negative feedback on forums as an opportunity for growth and improvement rather than criticism. He views customer feedback as valuable insights that drive EG4’s ongoing efforts to enhance their products and services. 

Mike Claassen’s Background 

Sitting in a plane after being upgraded to first class, Mike found himself engaged in a conversation with a retired power engineer. They discussed that the grid was struggling under the weight of modern demands, and Mike couldn’t ignore the gravity of the situation. As the retired engineer posed the question, “What are you going to do about it?” Mike felt a sense of responsibility to make a difference. 

Always drawn to engineering and fascinated by renewable energy, Mike’s journey into the field was inevitable. Growing up during the gas crisis, he harbored a deep admiration for solar power, although it seemed unattainable at the time. However, his passion for renewable energy never waned, and upon becoming an engineer, it remained at the forefront of his mind. 

Having spent 15 years at Texas Instruments (TI) and another 25 years helping customers, Mike’s expertise spans decades. Despite leaving a prestigious position, the opportunity to contribute to the renewable energy sector was irresistible. His commitment to lifelong learning and passion for innovation drove him to embrace this new chapter in his career wholeheartedly. 

Furthermore, Mike’s dedication extends beyond his personal journey; he’s a staunch advocate for STEM education. Recognizing the importance of nurturing young talent, especially in rural areas, he’s passionate about providing opportunities for aspiring engineers and technologists. 

Mike Claassen’s Approach to Leadership  

At the heart of Mike’s philosophy lies a commitment to continuous growth and development, both for himself and for those around him. As he navigates his role within the organization, he does so with a clear focus on nurturing the next generation of talent, ensuring that the knowledge and expertise he possesses are not only preserved but also passed on to those who will carry the torch forward. 

Mike’s role goes beyond simply managing a team; it’s about empowering individuals to reach their full potential and become the leaders of tomorrow. “If I have a team, I need to build the next group of people for when I retire,” he explains, highlighting his commitment to cultivating talent and fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth. 

Central to Mike’s approach is the belief that the organization’s potential for growth lies in the collective knowledge and skills of its members. He is dedicated to investing in his team’s development, whether through mentorship, training programs, or strategic hiring initiatives. 

Moreover, Mike is a firm believer in the power of thinking from a system level. He understands that true innovation and success stem from a holistic understanding of how individual components fit together to form a cohesive whole. By instilling this mindset within his team, he empowers them to approach challenges with creativity, ingenuity, and a broader perspective. 

Mike Claassen’s Creative Pursuits 

Outside of the professional realm, Mike finds solace and inspiration in his hobbies. Brewing beer offers him a reprieve from the demands of his work. “It’s a little creativity with a lot of instrumentation,” he says. Similarly, his metalworking and woodworking shop serves as a sanctuary for hands-on creativity, where he can tinker and build to his heart’s content. 

Mike’s eclectic interests extend to his collection of tech and old engineering books. His shop is a testament to his curiosity and passion for understanding how things work. It is this insatiable curiosity and desire to delve into the intricacies of technology that sets Mike apart. 

EG4 Electronics’ Commitment to Excellence 

Looking ahead, Mike’s vision for EG4 Electronics is to continually add features and improvements to their products. His customer-centric mindset reflects EG4’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the solar industry. 

Mike will be sharing his insights and expertise at an upcoming conference at The Energy Expo 2024  at the Miami Airport Convention Center in Miami, Florida, where he will discuss co-compliance. Tune in to the EG4 Electronics website and blog for updates on Mike’s conference presentation. 

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Mike Claassen, CTO at EG4, transforms solar tech by simplifying installations, reducing costs, and prioritizing customer empowerment.

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