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Luis Carrasco’s Approach to Solar Industry Education

Growing up in cities with abundant sunlight for most of the year, Luis Carrasco developed an emotional bond with the sun. 

“I was born in Texas and raised in Mexico, so part of my identity is bound to the sun,” Luis said. “The southern United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean are all within the sunbelt, and that’s a common denominator in their identities, too.” 

This connection with the sun, along with a friend in the industry who referred him to the job, naturally led him to the solar industry. As Marketing Manager for the Caribbean and Latin America at EG4 Electronics, Luis learns about needs in these regional markets, as well as creating blogs, videos, and content for social media.

Luis’s work allows him to help people in communities that often experience power outages or areas where the grid hasn’t reached. These overlooked areas stand to benefit greatly from the addition of solar power through hybrid or off-grid energy solar systems (ESS)

He is passionate about helping people in these underserved communities gain access to reliable power. Luis loves the international aspect of his work, recognizing that the sun transcends borders and offers limitless potential for the solar industry. 

Empowering Communities Through Communication 

Luis connects with customers on a one-on-one basis, helping to establish connections across the American continent to facilitate new channels of distribution. Before entering the solar industry, Luis’s background was rooted in international relations. He has traveled to multiple countries, engaging with people from various backgrounds and helping them understand unfamiliar subjects. 

“Solar energy remains a relatively new concept in many countries”, Luis said, and he aims to make information about the concept accessible and relatable through conversations and videos. He understands the importance of using the right voice and language to address the needs of residential solar users. By not only focusing on technical language but also adapting his communication to regional needs, Luis empowers installers and other key players to bring solar energy to their communities. 

He believes that the solar industry can address the diverse needs of many customers and through the affordable and resilient products that EG4 provides. Anyone who has questions about EG4’s products can reach out to our bilingual tech support team. 

Engaging with Customers 

In his previous roles, Luis focused on introducing topics that were not common knowledge, providing information and facilitating the transition to new knowledge for the benefit of his audience. He sees a similar pattern within the solar industry and aims to debunk misinformation about solar energy.  

Prioritizing conversations with customers to listen to their needs and experiences with solar energy, Luis constantly engages with people through interviews. “I am always interested in having a conversation with customers,” Luis said. “I want to make sure I know what their needs are and what features in the solar products are beneficial to them. I also like to know about the different problems or challenges they’re facing with energy compliance.” 

He has attended several solar industry trade shows, including Intersolar North America 2024 in San Diego and Solar+ Storage MEXICO 2024. He is also planning to attend ExpoSolar Colombia 2024, and SESA Puerto Rico in November, targeting key locations across the U.S. and Latin America. 

Check the EG4 Electronics blog and social media pages for updates on his presentation. 

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