EG4 Electronics

EG4® WP | 48V 100AH Waterproof Lithium Iron Phosphate [Legacy Product]


EG4 Waterproof Lithium battery 51.2V (48V) 5.12kW with 100AH internal BMS. Composed of UL listed prismatic cells which have been tested at 7,000 deep discharge cycles to 80% DoD – fully charge and discharge this battery daily for over 15 years without issue. Reliable and rigorously tested, with a 99% operating efficiency. Drop-in ready design provides an element-proof, reliable and effective storage solution for off-grid living, marine applications, RVer’s, etc. You can expect a versatile solution for any conversion from 48V lead-acid setups to lithium.

Installation is as easy as:
1. Removing your lead-acid batteries and replacing them with EG4-WP Lithium Batteries
2. Attach your cables
3. Secure them down– DONE!

**EG4 (48v) Waterproof batteries are not a direct swap drop-in option for GOLF CART or ELECTRIC ATV application due to increased amperage during ignition / loaded acceleration moments.

Free IOS & Android App to monitor your battery.