EG4 Electronics

EG4® LiFePower4 24V 200AH Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery


UL 1973 Certified

The EG4 LiFePower4 Lithium Iron Phosphate battery features 25.6V (24V) with a capacity of 5.12kWh and featuring a 200AH internal BMS. Constructed with (16) UL listed prismatic 3.2V cells arranged in series/parallel (8s2p) configuration, this battery has undergone rigorous testing, enduring 7,000 deep discharge cycles to 80% depth of discharge (DoD). Additionally, this battery can charge and discharge fully on a daily basis for over 15 years without fail. Operating at a remarkable 99% efficiency, it boasts a simple plug-and-play interface and is equipped with all the essential components for effortless setup.