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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at EG4? Today, let us take you on a tour of our R&D department and offer a better understanding of how we create your favorite solar gear. Our dedicated team is located in the heart of Sulphur Springs, Texas. We are constantly working to bring you the best solar experience. R&D is responsible for every aspect of EG4 products, from batteries to inverters and everything in between. 

At EG4, we don’t just offer solar tech. We deliver the highest quality solutions that set the standard for solar. Our team of experts embody innovation and are dedicated to providing top-notch quality for your home, business, or any solar project you have in mind. We constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in the solar industry, seeking out new and improved ways to harness the power of solar.

R&D is a mixing pot; it combines electrical, mechanical, and engineering expertise. We work together to identify the problems you are currently facing and tackle them head-on. We have an open-door policy and encourage communication among all team members. If someone brings up a problem, we have a meeting where we work together to come up with an answer. Everyone, from the newest employee to the most senior, is included in the decision-making process. This way, everyone has a solution and we are always on the same page together.

Some of our team members come from a background without any previous electrical experience. We understand that solar technology can be intimidating and difficult to absorb. To accommodate these challenges, the R&D team is never afraid to ask questions. The leadership of this team realizes that when one of them fails, it reflects on everyone. From the start, the development of this team has always centered on teaching by sharing challenges and refusing to gatekeep information. This speaks volumes about the importance of showing vulnerability as a leader. Many people, particularly leaders, can often fall into the trap of not sharing information. This team is different.

Our leadership believes that you’ll never know everything, and that being honest and open about that fact inspires growth. It’s a learning process. If you hold knowledge, share it. If you’re not bringing everyone up together, then what is the purpose of you leading? You have to build confidence in everyone. If you don’t, they become unsure, leading to failure. We provide the tools and learning that our team wants and needs. Because of this commitment to problem-solving and education, some of the day-to-day guys in R&D even outshine engineers. They come up with unique and effective solutions and ideas, even though they did not go to school for engineering.

In addition to our work, we enjoy reading books, exploring forums, and connecting with people like you to deepen our understanding of emerging solar technology and challenges. This allows us to constantly find new ways to support you. We don’t wait for commands; we make real contributions by actively contributing to progress and coming up with ideas on our own. Our environment supports employee trust and responsibility, and many team members have already contributed to features we’ve implemented in our products.

Solar technology is constantly evolving. To stay ahead of the curve, our R&D team pays careful attention to new developments and their features. We then examine our products to see if new competitive solutions are possible with our current hardware. One unique perspective our team brings to the solar industry is a background in industrial safety. This led us to incorporate industrial-level safety, precaution, and security into the solar field. Our dedication to safety led directly to the development of E-Stop, Battery LL – S, and other advanced safety features, such as fire arrestors. E-Stop is a feature that allows you to shut your entire system down from anywhere, including your batteries. Additionally, the LL-S battery is a 5kW lithium iron phosphate battery that includes E-Stop as a built-in feature.  

E-Stop puts the power to shut your entire system down in the convenient form of a single button. We brought this feature from the industrial field into solar. When something goes wrong, you can hit that button and the whole plant shuts down. We thought, “Why can’t you do that with your solar system?” Currently, we are the only solar manufacturer with this unique benefit. We anticipate this function being added to code compliance in the future, which will set us as an industry leader not only in development but also in safety.

Another thing that we do differently has to do with the depth of testing we perform. When someone manufactures an inverter, for instance, their testing is often simulated. They simulate PV, batteries, loads, etc. That’s how we made a name for ourselves: by doing real-world testing specifically for the US market. One major issue for many manufacturers is the voltage that we use here in the US. We use 240V split phase here, instead of single-phase 240V. This means that manufacturers have to consider two hot lines plus a neutral, as opposed to the rest of the world which uses a single line plus a neutral. This split-phase design creates a mystery for manufacturers outside the US. By having a leg up in this regard, our team has a huge advantage.

But what does all of this mean for you, and how are we doing things differently? Around here, we test real-life scenarios, not simulations. If you have problems running your dryer from solar or flickering light issues, we try to recreate them. We recreate these scenarios under a setting that directly compares to a whole house scenario. We test multiple items, just like a live system would. We also test using cable lengths that match what you use. We include every minute detail that might affect the performance and efficiency of our products and then optimize them for you.

We actively engage with a large group of the solar community that contributes to online forums. We often become the point of contact when people have a problem. We talk to you and ask clarifying questions. Whether it’s a quick setting or a live scenario that needs to be investigated, we find out all the details of your system and the problem you are experiencing. This lets us assist you better. A dedicated Slack channel adds another layer, inviting the most knowledgeable customers, engineers, and solar experts to communicate and conduct field R&D. Then we compare the issues we have seen and the testing we have done. This often leads to greater understanding and improved functionality.

We believe that our success is largely due to our sponsored educational programs. All EG4 employees have the opportunity to gain certification through the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). NABCEP is like the Seal Team 6 for solar. These dedicated individuals must endure strict training, pass a difficult test, and maintain thier credentials over time with additional tests. This has allowed R&D team members to learn about the NEC code, how to install a system correctly, and the purpose of Rapid Shutdown (RSD), among other things.

Our NABCEP-certified employees are not only equipped to succeed, but they also operate in an environment that welcomes and needs their service. Many of you have expressed concerns about proper system installation, and in cases where this goes wrong, the installer is often long gone. We hope to be a reliable source that you can depend on. We aim to alleviate these concerns and take care of the problems you may be facing to properly set up and maximize your system’s performance.

At the end of the day, you are not receiving a questionable product. EG4 guarantees that we have thoroughly reviewed the manual, verifying that all information is correct. If an issue arises, we address it promptly. Our support team undergoes rigorous training, ensuring that we can assist you in setting up and troubleshooting your system. Without R&D, uncovering and solving problems would take significantly longer. 

So, who are we? We are a team of professional solar advocates committed to complete safety, ceaseless innovation, and unfettered communication. We are making solar more approachable than ever, offering increased safety, innovative solutions to real-world problems, and barrier-free education on all things solar. Our constant efforts to provide cutting-edge solutions and transfer cost savings to you make solar more affordable. We are the problem solvers at EG4. Do you face challenges with your solar setup? Come talk to us; we’ll help you solve them.

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