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OverDrive Provides Sustainable Energy at Coachella with EG4

OverDrive Lights at Coachella

OverDrive Energy Solutions has emerged as a formidable force in the event industry, and their utilization of EG4 Electronics solar products at Coachella stands as a testament to their commitment to greatly reduce the number of generators while making the event more sustainable. By leveraging EG4 Electronics’s innovative technology like solar charge controllers and dozens of 48V EG4-LL batteries, OverDrive isn’t merely reducing their carbon footprint; they’re also improving safety measures and elevating the overall concert experience.  

Neel Vasavada’s Vision for OverDrive Energy Solutions

While Founder and CEO of OverDrive Energy Solutions Neel Vasavada attended the University of Wisconsin in the 90s, he delved into the realm of hybrid electric vehicles, collaborating on projects with the US Department of Energy and General Motors (GM). After graduating, he worked in motorsports before starting a consulting company specializing in vehicle control systems.  

In 2012, he ventured into event production, working with renowned concerts and festivals like Coachella and artists like Beyoncé and Kenny Chesney. However, when the pandemic hit and the music industry ground to a halt, Vasavada found himself reassessing his projects.  

“All was fine, I also had my consulting company on the side, and then the pandemic happened, and the music industry shut down,” Vasavada said. “So I started looking at my consulting projects to pay the bills.”  

Drawing on his engineering background and connections in the US Department of Energy, he began exploring the advancements in battery technology and its potential for remote setups. Surprised by the feasibility of using batteries over diesel generators, Vasavada saw an opportunity to merge his expertise in engineering and event production.  

 “I took these two sides of my career, the engineering and business development side and the music production side, and brought them together to form OverDrive Energy Solutions,” Vasavada said.  

OverDrive’s Journey to Powering the Music Industry

OverDrive Energy Solutions’s first public event was a movie night in 2022 on the beach in Santa Monica with a fitness group.  

“We started doing small events with friends and contacts, and things started growing,” Vasavada said. 

Their breakthrough moment arrived with the opportunity to power Universal Music Group’s Grammy party, facilitated by, a nonprofit focused on sustainability in the music industry. Through collaboration on the Music Decarbonization Project, aimed at eliminating fossil fuel use at live events, OverDrive Energy Solutions found its stride.  

Within a year, OverDrive was powering Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion. Here Vasavada crossed paths with James Showalter, CEO at EG4 Electronics parent company Energy Access Innovations (EAI). Vasavada said that EG4 Electronics and Signature Solar “moved heaven and earth” to provide him with the batteries he needed to power the show in a time sensitive situation.  

At the Luck Reunion, Vasavada said that OverDrive created the largest sustainably powered stage ever seen at a US concert. From there, OverDrive Energy Solutions began powering stages at Coachella and collaborating with Google.  

Within 18 months of their inception, Vasavada said OverDrive achieved a significant milestone by powering a portion of Billie Ellish’s headliner set at Lollapalooza with the largest temporary solar farm deployed in the US music market. Since then, OverDrive Energy Solutions has continued its upward trajectory, displacing diesel generators and championing sustainable energy solutions across the industry.  

EG4 Electronics Products’ Performance in Demanding Conditions

When discussing OverDrive Energy Solutions’ use of EG4 Electronics products, Vasavada emphasized the thorough evaluation process they underwent when selecting battery manufacturers. Among the factors that appealed to them about EG4, Vasavada highlights the UL listings, which provided an assurance of quality and safety. 

The level of attention EG4 pays to code compliance sets us apart. EG4 batteries are UL 9540A compliant, which prevents thermal runaway and allows Vasavada to meet California state regulations.  

Over the past year, OverDrive Energy Solutions has rigorously put EG4’s batteries to the test in demanding real-world conditions. Despite the challenges they’ve subjected them to, including exposure to dust, rough handling, and extreme temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit, EG4’s batteries have proven remarkably resilient. Vasavada acknowledges that in their line of work, they often subject the batteries to rapid charging, discharging, and prolonged periods of low charge, yet EG4’s products have consistently performed admirably. 

“The [EG4] solar charge controllers have proven to be similarly robust,” Vasavada said. “We have, I think, a dozen of them and we use them quite a bit.” 

Vasavada emphasized that the EG4 solar charge controllers are particularly useful because they can handle up to 500 volts of DC power, allowing OverDrive to run cables long distances and set up remote solar arrays.   

EG4 Electronics and the Live Music Industry

Vasavada emphasized the unique opportunity the live music industry presents for product development. With its repetitive nature and high visibility, the industry offers a controlled environment for testing and refining products. This aligns perfectly with OverDrive Energy Solutions’s mission to showcase the viability of sustainable energy solutions to a wide audience, thereby driving cultural change away from diesel generators. 

In Vasavada’s view, there’s a symbiotic relationship between companies like EG4, developing engineered products for challenging environments, and industries like live music, which provide a platform for testing and demonstrating these innovations. Ultimately, it was this alignment of values and objectives that led OverDrive Energy Solutions to use EG4 Electronics products. 

OverDrive Energy Solutions’s Role in Shaping a Sustainable Future

According to Vasavada, sustainable energy is more of a cultural issue than a technological one.  Vasavada observes that in many scenarios, sustainable energy solutions can offer greater reliability and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional diesel generators.  

Vasavada points out that the prevalence of diesel or gasoline generators in temporary power setups often stems from historical inertia rather than objective necessity. By overcoming skepticism and embracing sustainable alternatives, significant benefits can be realized. These include cost savings, enhanced reliability of events, and improved safety conditions for both workers and audiences. In essence, it’s a win-win scenario for all stakeholders involved. 

Keep an eye our social media pages and blog for updates about how Neel is using EG4 products.  

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OverDrive lights up Coachella with EG4 solar tech, reducing carbon footprint and enhancing concert safety. Follow Neel Vasavada's vision with EG4!

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