EG4 LiFePOWER4 Communications Hub

The EG4 LiFePOWER4 Communications Hub streamlines and maximizes your solar power system by interpreting and translating multiple 48V battery management system (BMS) protocols. It serves as a liaison between your 48V battery and inverter, communicating with a diverse range of BMS protocols, and offers real-time monitoring. This eliminates the requirement to check each battery individually, guaranteeing optimal performance of your solar system. Invest in the EG4 LiFePOWER4 Communications Hub now to save money, reduce your carbon footprint, and positively impact the environment.



  • Interprets and translates various BMS protocols for your EG4 batteries including:
    • Sol-ark, SMA, Sofar, Aiswei, Solis, Pylon, SMK, Growatt, Schneider, BlueSun, and EG4
  • Simplifies and optimizes your solar power system
  • Compatible with 48V batteries only
  • Enhances closed-loop communication
  • Provides a readout for each battery as well as the entire bank
  • Real-time monitoring to quickly identify any issues