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  • Engineered, designed and supported in the USA
  • Save up to $6000 per install
  • 15 minute average commissioning time


8000 cycle

Complete generator integration



EG4 PowerPro 18kPV WallMount All Weather ESS 


Experience seamless power delivery with our 14.3 kWh expandable wall-mounted ESS, providing a consistent 12 kWh of energy. Effortlessly start a five-ton HVAC system with our exceptional surge power capabilities.

I don’t know how, but EG4 has managed to offer the market energy storage at an unbeatable cost while still having a national support network. It’s a product truly built for the self-consumption age.

Signature Solar

I recently had the pleasure of working with Eg4 design and customer support services, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with the experience. Jeff, Aaron, and their entire team were consistently there for me from the initial design phase to the commissioning of the installed system.

Our first installation encountered a few challenges, but the support team at Eg4 was incredibly helpful in overcoming them. Their dedication and expertise were greatly appreciated not only by our sales and installation team but also by our customer.

Thank you, Eg4, for your exceptional service and unwavering support. You have truly set a high standard in the industry.

Mike – Homemasters Solar Oregon and Washington

..the power to go out there to help (home)owners go off-grid (with EG4) is amazing..

Pulse Turnkey

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